Eurofilms deal directly with the world's major petrochemical manufacturers and we process the required

LLDPE & LDPE polymers to produce stretch and shrink film, at our CAST & BLOWN extrusion plant in Telford, UK.

The nature of the market can occasionally create pricing instability, but we endeavour to adopt pricing and procurement policies which aim to offer longer periods of stability and transparency for our customers, whenever possible.

Strong long term relationships with our raw material suppliers, ensures we source high quality and consistent materials, which allow us to create technologically advanced and value engineered products.

As well as offering competitive spot pricing in both price per tonne / kg and per roll format, we also offer index linked pricing and fixed rates, where requested and commercially feasible.

Just call us on +44 (0)1952 60 66 33  or email to find out more.

Key Contacts:

Will Humphreys / CEO
Lesley Sherry / Commercial Manager
Martin Palmer / Sales Director

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