Hand holding a tree

We understand that we have an impact on the environment, but we take our responsibilities to protect
it seriously, so we can reduce any effect to an absolute minimum.

We have worked with the Carbon Trust to reduce our Carbon Footprint and therefore reducing our power consumption, installing power efficient compressors, motors and chilling systems. LED lighting has been installed throughout our premises and we have invested in state of the art, energy efficient extrusion and conversion equipment, reducing our carbon footprint further. Power is supplied from Biomass sustainable sources which produce electricity with an 86% lower carbon footprint than coal-fired options. All paper & board products are recycled, as are our pallets, resulting in only a small fraction of our waste going to landfill. We are working hard to reduce this to zero.

Working with the world's leading polymer suppliers we have developed films that are at the forefront of technology in terms of thickness, strength and puncture resistance, enabling our customers to also derive a reduction in their carbon footprint by using thinner films to pack their pallets, whilst still maintaining pallet integrity.

We have a range of Oxy Bio-degradable films for customers who require this type of film to meet their own obligations, but by choice, we would recommend our normal grades which are fully recyclable. This means that at the end of life, our products can be reused into less demanding applications, which is both socially responsible and cost-effective.

We are members of a worldwide organization Preparation Clean Sweep devoted to the prevention of pellets and plastics being lost to the natural environment, watercourses and oceans by good housekeeping practices. This is achieved with training for employees, strict material handling procedures, audits and continuous improvement and review.

Thinner than a spec of dust

Because our films are so thin, thinner than a typical speck of dust, it is not possible at present, to use Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) as a raw material, as any contamination would seriously weaken our products to the detriment of our customer's applications. Our value-engineered ultra-thin films not only reduce your spend on packaging but, more importantly, the weight of packaging transported, consumed and disposed of, reducing your Carbon Footprint. We offer bulk packed products to reduce customers packaging waste and taxes. Customer collections can be arranged on back haul routes to reduce Carbon emissions even further.

We continue to work hard with our virgin polymer suppliers to find solutions for including recycled materials into our products without detriment to product quality. We have our own recycling facility which is used for in-process waste and trims, and where we can guarantee its cleanliness. This is internally recycled back into our films. We also recycle other polymer scrap, which is sold to re-processors of other less demanding polythene products. We urge our customers to sell their waste stretch film for recycling purposes and not to send it to landfill. The recycle code for all our films is